“Be a good girl and get on the bed.”

Cautiously, she did as she was told; wandering to the beautifully made bed where she lay on her back innocently. Bob followed, leaning down and sucking on her tiny breasts, biting the nipples softly.

He flipped her over and pressed down on her back, forcing her ass up and into a prone position.

“Spread wide,” he said.

She spread her long legs wide and he got on his knees delving his tongue into her ass. Luckily, she thought, it was clean and she was shaved. She had a laser hair remover at home and she used it religiously. She had no qualms about pressing her ass into his face and did so as she moaned, feeling his slick tongue tease her anus.

Standing upright, he pressed the first ball of his cock against her slit. She jumped at the way it felt, crawling away in feigned fear. Bob grabbed her ankle and pulled her back toward him as she screamed and cried.

“No, you’re going to take this,” he said, pushing the first egg into her.

Her pussy managed to stretch over it and she gave a dramatic sob. It was wider than his original setting. She relaxed for the moment as her opening rested at the gap in between and her vagina settled around the first ball. Bob pumped it back and forth, allowing her to get used to it; shaking her gently like a masseuse. He ran his hands over her back, working the muscles and pulling her to sit upright on her haunches; her back against him with the cock still inside her. He played with her nipples as he kissed her neck, running his tongue over her jugular and sending goosebumps over her skin.

Bob wrapped his arms around her and held her close, rocking her gently. He stroked her hair, pulling it out of the ponytail to fall loose over her shoulders. Without warning, he gripped her shoulders and pushed the next ball inside of her. She let out a guttural moan as it filled her up. She felt dizzy and out of breath.

“You have two more,” he said as he began to fuck her gently with the first two. “That’s a good girl, you take it. Stretch for me.”

When she was good and relaxed, pushing the other two in was easy. Bob leaned back to watch her vagina expand and contract with each ball; opening and closing its mouth. He held her arms behind her as he gave it to her.

“Can I please touch myself?” she said with a half moan.

“Not yet,” he answered, thrusting faster. His fingers were claws at her wrists as their bodies slammed together and he wore her pussy loose. He came once inside her and then rolled onto his back, taking her with him and forcing her to ride on top until he gushed another load of synthetic cum inside her.

“Now you can touch yourself,” he smiled serenely.

She rubbed at her clit hungrily, her pussy devouring every inch of his cock.The lube streamed out of her and on to his belly and hips.

“Sit on my face for awhile, so that I can change my settings to fit your ass.”

She felt a shock wave of pleasure go through her at his casual domination. It was just what she’d asked for. He licked her pulsing clit until she felt that telltale sharp tingle that said she was about to cum. She started to moan quietly at first and then louder and Bob knew.

“No. You sit on this now,” he said, easing her back so that the tip of him was against her anus. It had changed its shape again. A long and slim ribbed thing. It squirted out lube as Stacy lowered herself onto it slowly. She leaned back, taking it all with a gasp and holding herself upward in a crabwalk position. Bob could see all of her sex.

“Mmm,” he said as he slid two fingers inside of her dripping pussy. He rubbed his fingers against her back wall. “I can feel me in your ass. There’s just this thin wall.”

Stacy moaned as he began massaging her clit with his other hand, making it puff up even larger. Her skin flushed all over as he pegged her and she felt there was no way to stop from cumming this time. Her whole body shook and spasmed with orgasm. Bob’s soothing voice egged her on.

“That’s a girl. You cum for me.”

Stacy wailed and nearly fell off of him, but he caught her just in time, pulling her off and placing her on his face again to lick up all her juices. She jerked with each lash of his tongue on her freshly sensitive clit. Too sensitive. He made her feel like she had to pee.

When he pulled her clitoral hood back, it was all over and she screamed, shaking again and releasing a stream of hot squirt all over Bob’s synthetic face. He groaned, taking all of her in his mouth with a growl.

Guinevere Candy – Copyright 2015 – Preview and purchase the full book here for only $2.99!


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