Guinevere Candy – Copyright 2015

Purchase the full book here for only $1.50

The Doctor pulled out what looked like a lollipop and took the yellow wrapper off. The lollipop was a clear, golden honey color. Stacy’s eyebrows creased, straining to understand what it was. The Doctor put the candy in his mouth while he worked, adjusting her gurney with the press of a few buttons. In response the gurney tilted upward and began to scrunch Stacy into a reclining position. The Doctor unfastened Stacy’s leg restraints and unfolded a stirrup from each side of the gurney, gently laying both of her slender legs within and stepping back while new steel restraints clamped shut; sealing her legs in place. Even she, in her sedated state jumped at the sound.

“Oh, that’s alright. Things get loud sometimes. Now, I want you to try this. It tastes like honey. You’ll like it,” he said, holding the lollipop to her puffy pink lips.

Weakly, she opened her mouth and accepted the lollipop, already sticky from the Doctor’s saliva. The drugs kept her from questioning if it was sanitary. It actually tasted better than honey. It tasted more like Southern iced tea, with honey drizzled in. Her mouth watered, soaking the treat and when he removed it from her mouth, it was dripping. He observed it.

“Good. Now how do you feel?”

“Good,” she answered sleepily.

“Wonderful,” he said. He placed the lollipop in a petri dish while he put on nitrile gloves and took it up again; taking very businesslike steps back to her gurney. He found himself between her spread eagle legs. He bent forward and spread her labia with a gloved hand, putting the lollipop back in his mouth while he examined her for a moment with both hands. When he was satisfied, he removed the lollipop from his mouth and slid it into her vagina.

Stacy gave a shrill gasp as it mixed with her juices and started to foam, bubbling out of her.

“Yes, it’s a little tingly, isn’t it? Just relax and let it work its magic.”

Stacy began to cry out in ecstasy as the candy seeped into her bloodstream and made her hornier than ever. She could hear the drops hit the floor as her juices started to bubble over in a soupy mess. Her entire vulva became engorged as if it had been stung by a bee.

“Uuugh, yes,” she moaned. “I’m going to cum!”

Stacy’s body gyrated with orgasm and she arched her back to inhuman lengths, her breasts pointing at the wall behind her.

The Doctor removed his glasses and put them in the front pocket of his lab coat. He came closer to watch her hole squeeze shut on the dissolving lollipop only to open and spit out more juicy foam until the paper stick of the candy fell from her completely and there was nothing left but a small piece. Leaning forward, he sealed his mouth over her hole and sucked the candy out. He chewed it and swallowed, licking the foam from his lips. She could see the outline of his hard cock beneath his slacks as he drew closer.

“Eat me,” she hissed.

He gripped her buttocks violently out of character; aggressively squeezing her flesh. She reared up, using the stirrup clamps for leverage as she lifted her dripping sex to the old Doctor’s mouth. He dipped his tongue inside her to taste, greedily delving deeper and deeper to taste all of her. The lecherous sounds of a goblin escaped him as he fucked her with his tongue and she groaned loudly as if in pain. Sweat began to drip off her forehead from the strain of holding herself up to his mouth and she shook, dropping back onto the gurney. He followed her. Dragging his tongue upward, he lapped at her clit, faster and faster until she came again, giving a weak cry with each spasm.

“Honey-Lingus acts as a lubricant and a male enhancement drug. I swallow your ejaculate and then I can perform for hours. Lets try it, shall we?”

The Doctor unfastened his pants and pulled out his short fat dick, stroking it. It was already wet with pre-cum. He jerked it off, while he ate her out. Pulling away for a moment to watch her squirm like an old pervert.

“Your pussy’s like a little mouth. Mmm.” He slid a step ladder up to the edge of the gurney and climbed it. “I never tell my wife about this part. But then, she never complains when she uses our products,” he said with a friendly smile.

He let his cock lay against her hole and it seemed to sink in as if on top of quicksand.

“Ooo,” he shivered. “You just swallow me up.”

Guinevere Candy – Copyright 2015

Purchase the full book here for only $1.50


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